Why Toys are Important for Babies (In Ways You Would Not Expect)

Toys are a common scene around infants, toddlers and young children. They are an almost omnipresent thing. Every mother and father’s living room is a crowded playland of bright pastel colors, strange pointless devices that make noises (sometimes annoyingly so), and the ever popular play toy music piano bouncer that babies just have an endless good time with.


Some people wonder though, are toys actually doing anything other than putting a pretty nice sized hole in your wallet?


The short answer is… of course. Toys are extremely important for a developing child, from the infant stage onwards.


And most people think the reason why is the reason that it allows you as the parent to get your child “out of your hair” for a while. Give them something to play with, and take a nice, big relaxing breath. Enjoy some personal time.


While this is totally true (and often relieving) reason as to why toys are important for infants and toddlers, it is not the main reason or even the most important reasoning as to why they are so great to have around.


For instance, did you realize that children toys can actually help your child grow their language skills? When babies are making all their bubbly noises, cries of joy (or the sudden 180 cry of complete outrage so many parents are familiar with), they are actually trying to communicate. They are learning how to do it. Give them a break, language is hard and they just got here!


When you sing to your child, you are actually doing more than just soothing them. You are proactively teaching them words. And babies can communicate incredibly well almost right away with their parents. Trust me. I still remember when I was selling furniture for a living and a couple came in with a cute baby. As I was showing them the recliner they were looking over, I noticed the mother started communicating with her baby with hand signals.


The craziest part of it… the baby actually used sign language back to talk to his mom!


I could not believe it, the baby was only six months maybe eight months old yet already knew more about sign language communication than me! The child only knew a few words… but still, pretty cool stuff.


When you give a toy that explores sound, words and the meaning of those words, you are helping your baby learn valuable life skills all in the name of fun. And that is for sure an important reason why toys are a requirement for your child, not just a want.


You just have to make sure it is the right toy for the right time that will continue to grow them as a person.


Language skills are just ONE reason why toys are important by the way. There are a ton of other reasons that make toys an extremely wise investment for your child. What should you do next? Well, maybe next time in the store you SHOULD buy that toy your baby is gawking at!