Cool Things You Can Do with Toy Drones

Drones are all the rage right now. They are big business and they are big on the cool level as well. In fact… you could say they are ascending at a rapid rate (get it?).


If you have been living underneath a rock and the word drones sends terrifying images to you, fear not, there is a whole new side of drones that have been coming out in the public market as toys and for recreation. And there are a lot of really cool things you can do with these things.


First off, remember the joy of driving a tonka remote controlled truck? You get all of that experience piloting a drone throughout the sky. Nowadays you can have a pretty high tech set up for things like this too. Because some toy drones allow you to sync it to other devices such as your iPad or android tablet and control it from there. Some of these drones even have cameras attached to them so you can pilot it while also literally getting the birds eye view of the drone.


Brings the remote control toy to a whole new level of just being awesome to play with.


Another thing you can do with a toy drone is attach something like a Go Pro Hero Camera to it and take awesome pictures of your surroundings. If you live in a scenic locale, this can make for some pretty cool footage. A lot of videographers are now using drones to film downhill ski racing, car racing, or other sporting events. Filmmakers, amateur to professional, are using drones to capture new angles and high altitude shots that they would not had been able to do before the advent and popularity of drones. If you like making movies or films, whether sporting events or actual story driven narratives, than toy drones should be right up your alley.


They range in price too – from several thousand dollars to just a hundred or two hundred dollar models. You want to be careful on the one you buy though. You definitely get what you pay for, and often the cheaper models have far less battery life, flying ability, ability to control said flying and often minimum features in comparison to the more expensive and luxurious toy drone models.


What are some other uses of the toy drone of today?


If you enjoy hunting, they are incredibly beneficial. You can fly a drone right up into the sky and look through your ipad or other device at what it is seeing so you can find the fabled big catch deer or that monstrous bear or king moose (or whatever it is you enjoy hunting). This goes for fishing as well. Take the drone out, fly it up over the river and down it and see where the fish might be. You can even attach lenses that will see through the water, giving you a much better appreciation where the day’s catch might be.


And hey, high tech hunting is freaking cool man.

Here’s a great toy video review.


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