Check Out These 3 Toy Collections that Could Make You a Significant Chunk of Change

The world of toy collecting is big business. Many people buy and sell collector items all the time or items of novelty. The creation of the internet has also saw the major increase in someone’s ability to really make a full time living doing this kind of stuff. They literally become like a toy connoisseur and “art collector” broker.


Because at the end of the day, these collections are a form of art. In many ways, these toys form the basis of a kind of cultural history and many people find a ton of value in that nostalgia and historical relevance. Obviously, the more rare or “out of print” toy is, the more expensive and more sought after it becomes.


When you become a good collector, you will soon be able to spot deals and might be able to make a pretty penny by creating a simple ebay store listing these items so other people can find them, buy them, and leave you happy reviews as they add to their own growing collection of toys.


So what are some toys that have value today in the world of toy art collectors? You might be surprised. In fact, you may even own some already, neglected from years of just literally forgetting you even owned them.


1 – Barbies


Barbies are STILL being made today. They have been around for decades, and many people collect the infamous blonde with her endless accessories and show of materialistic perpetual teen wealth. She is often the idol of many young girls who grew up playing with various Barbie doll sets.


Some Barbies that are rare can go for several hundred dollars (no joke) to the right buyer.


2  – My Little Pony


We are in a kind of My Little Pony renaissance with the reboot of the old 80s show. Yet, the old My Little Pony toys are highly valuable and perhaps even increased value as a new audience learns of the beloved TV show through the reboot cartoon series expressing how friendship is magic. There was even a recent documentary done called “Brony” that is all about middle aged men that for one reason or another absolutely love the My Little Pony franchise.


A worthwhile market to start a lucrative ebay side hustle with.


3-  Legos


When I remember my childhood, I often have memories of brightly colored blocks, strange yellow skinned people with holes on top of their heads that they can attach random things too, and space ships made out of bricks.


Legos are an Americana classic and are a beloved toy.


In fact, you can even be a lego “architect” in some aspects. You can find their entire catalog of parts online and order pieces to suit whatever it is you decide to build with your legos. It is no surprise that Lego, a beloved classic, has a few rare models and sets that can literally go for several hundreds of dollars.