3 Simple Ways to See If a Toy Will Be Worth Thousands

In my last article on this blog we talked about a few different toy collections that people are making full time incomes with by buying, listing them on ebay, and selling them to passionate enthusiasts that absolutely love collecting these toys for one reason or another.

As I mentioned, most of these collections contain a kind of nostalgia or inherent cultural historical relevance that people truly celebrate and enjoy. But… when if you could spot the trend of a toy that is going to be big business down the road? How could you make sure you could keep the investment at 100% its best dollar for dollar value?

It is not unheard of for 10 cent comic books to go for a million dollars after all.

Imagine if you could capture that yourself, that single item that for whatever strange reason keeps its value and actually appreciates instead of depreciate?

Here are some steps to make sure your toy collection and possible toy investment is kept in tip top shape.

1 – Keep It in Tip Top Shape!

Seems like common sense, right? Well, most people do not realize what their toys might be worth. It might be worthwhile when buying a toy that someone wants say your son (obviously not you right? Right?! Okay, go ahead buy it man), it might be a good idea to buy two versions of the toy.

That way you can keep one version of the toy in a 100% mint condition while you play with the other. I mean while your son plays with the other.

Or daughter.

Okay, go ahead and play with it. I’m not judging (I promise, I would do it too).

2- Trading Sports Cards

For one reason or another that is kind of beyond me, people absolutely diehard fans of sports trading cards. I have no idea why, there is no inherent game that is involved with these cards that people can play with them, but some playing cards can go thousands.

If you are going to make a business though of slinging toys left and right, it does not hurt to brush up on your sports trivia. Try to collect the cards of people that are on the rise to fame and fortune. This can be hard unless you really follow the sport, but if you can find the cards beofre they reach their fame and fortune you might be able to turn around a $1 dollar sports trading card for several hundred!

3 – What Movies are Coming Out?

Hollywood plays a HUGE role of what is cool and what is not, what is in style and what is not. If you knew in advance Disney was buying out Star Wars, you may have went around silently collecting a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia and then turning around and marking up the price to capture the growing trend.

It all comes down to good observational skills. My suggestion is to learn 1 toy market and really focus on it, learn the ins and outs of the trade, and then start up that ebay store and go make a killing with your toy business!