3 Simple Ways to See If a Toy Will Be Worth Thousands

In my last article on this blog we talked about a few different toy collections that people are making full time incomes with by buying, listing them on ebay, and selling them to passionate enthusiasts that absolutely love collecting these toys for one reason or another.

As I mentioned, most of these collections contain a kind of nostalgia or inherent cultural historical relevance that people truly celebrate and enjoy. But… when if you could spot the trend of a toy that is going to be big business down the road? How could you make sure you could keep the investment at 100% its best dollar for dollar value?

It is not unheard of for 10 cent comic books to go for a million dollars after all.

Imagine if you could capture that yourself, that single item that for whatever strange reason keeps its value and actually appreciates instead of depreciate?

Here are some steps to make sure your toy collection and possible toy investment is kept in tip top shape.

1 – Keep It in Tip Top Shape!

Seems like common sense, right? Well, most people do not realize what their toys might be worth. It might be worthwhile when buying a toy that someone wants say your son (obviously not you right? Right?! Okay, go ahead buy it man), it might be a good idea to buy two versions of the toy.

That way you can keep one version of the toy in a 100% mint condition while you play with the other. I mean while your son plays with the other.

Or daughter.

Okay, go ahead and play with it. I’m not judging (I promise, I would do it too).

2- Trading Sports Cards

For one reason or another that is kind of beyond me, people absolutely diehard fans of sports trading cards. I have no idea why, there is no inherent game that is involved with these cards that people can play with them, but some playing cards can go thousands.

If you are going to make a business though of slinging toys left and right, it does not hurt to brush up on your sports trivia. Try to collect the cards of people that are on the rise to fame and fortune. This can be hard unless you really follow the sport, but if you can find the cards beofre they reach their fame and fortune you might be able to turn around a $1 dollar sports trading card for several hundred!

3 – What Movies are Coming Out?

Hollywood plays a HUGE role of what is cool and what is not, what is in style and what is not. If you knew in advance Disney was buying out Star Wars, you may have went around silently collecting a bunch of Star Wars paraphernalia and then turning around and marking up the price to capture the growing trend.

It all comes down to good observational skills. My suggestion is to learn 1 toy market and really focus on it, learn the ins and outs of the trade, and then start up that ebay store and go make a killing with your toy business!

Check Out These 3 Toy Collections that Could Make You a Significant Chunk of Change

The world of toy collecting is big business. Many people buy and sell collector items all the time or items of novelty. The creation of the internet has also saw the major increase in someone’s ability to really make a full time living doing this kind of stuff. They literally become like a toy connoisseur and “art collector” broker.


Because at the end of the day, these collections are a form of art. In many ways, these toys form the basis of a kind of cultural history and many people find a ton of value in that nostalgia and historical relevance. Obviously, the more rare or “out of print” toy is, the more expensive and more sought after it becomes.


When you become a good collector, you will soon be able to spot deals and might be able to make a pretty penny by creating a simple ebay store listing these items so other people can find them, buy them, and leave you happy reviews as they add to their own growing collection of toys.


So what are some toys that have value today in the world of toy art collectors? You might be surprised. In fact, you may even own some already, neglected from years of just literally forgetting you even owned them.


1 – Barbies


Barbies are STILL being made today. They have been around for decades, and many people collect the infamous blonde with her endless accessories and show of materialistic perpetual teen wealth. She is often the idol of many young girls who grew up playing with various Barbie doll sets.


Some Barbies that are rare can go for several hundred dollars (no joke) to the right buyer.


2  – My Little Pony


We are in a kind of My Little Pony renaissance with the reboot of the old 80s show. Yet, the old My Little Pony toys are highly valuable and perhaps even increased value as a new audience learns of the beloved TV show through the reboot cartoon series expressing how friendship is magic. There was even a recent documentary done called “Brony” that is all about middle aged men that for one reason or another absolutely love the My Little Pony franchise.


A worthwhile market to start a lucrative ebay side hustle with.


3-  Legos


When I remember my childhood, I often have memories of brightly colored blocks, strange yellow skinned people with holes on top of their heads that they can attach random things too, and space ships made out of bricks.


Legos are an Americana classic and are a beloved toy.


In fact, you can even be a lego “architect” in some aspects. You can find their entire catalog of parts online and order pieces to suit whatever it is you decide to build with your legos. It is no surprise that Lego, a beloved classic, has a few rare models and sets that can literally go for several hundreds of dollars.


The Wild Origin of the Action Figure Finally Revealed

Did you know that “action figures” (you know, usually those sweet toy soldiers and monsters that young boys seem to always love and admire?) did not actually exist until 1964?


Itis true. Hasbro, that famous and perhaps sometimes infamous toymaker, first came up with the term action figure in 1964 as they introduced what would become one of their most famous toys and would propel itself into action figure icon legend… the G.I. Joe. Back then, many boys would still play with dolls, in fact it was quite common and even masculine based toys were still called dolls.


However, Hasbro decided to come up with an interesting marketing angle. Instead of calling their boy dolls what they were, they came up with the name action figures to give them a more masculine brand and feel. This way they could market to boys who normally would not play with dolls. Soon, even the most anti-doll young boy found themselves with an entire drool worthy collection of Gi.I Joes.


And the rest is kind of history.


From the creation of the G.I Joe, Hasbro went on to actually license this product to other companies in various markets both domestically and internationally. This process is what actually led to Hasbro to become a total goliath in the toy industry. Still to this day, Hasbro is considered a leading toy manufacturer. Ask around, I bet you at least 80% of the time you ask someone who a famous toy manufacturer is, people will likely only be able to name Hasbro as the famed maker of toys.


The G.I Joe is not defunct either. Despite a huge trend of adults who now proactively collect discontinued lines of G.I Joes for their action figures collection, Hasbro still has companies licensing their action figures to make them in their domestic markets. For example the Japanese company Takara is still pumping out G.I Joe dolls in Japan, home of the bonsai tree.


In a kind of funny twist of events, the other popular action figure line Microman came about because of the 1970s oil crisis. It put pressure on manufacturers to be able to make the traditionally 11 ½ inches G.I Joe. So instead, Takara led the revolution of smaller sized action figures by creating the cyborg Microman with transparent plastic revealing cyborg innards included.


Later on other companies would go on to produce super successful action figures as well, such as Mattel would do in the late 1970s and 1980s with their line of Jim action heroes. This very day, boys still love action figures. There is something magical about creating an entire narrative and story in our heads while moving hunks of plastic molded into monsters and heroes.


Just something about it, I suppose!

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people in their adult age still keep these boy dolls around. There is an entire “shadow” economy based around buying and selling G.I Joes. That just goes to show you how awesome they really are.

Why Toys are Important for Babies (In Ways You Would Not Expect)

Toys are a common scene around infants, toddlers and young children. They are an almost omnipresent thing. Every mother and father’s living room is a crowded playland of bright pastel colors, strange pointless devices that make noises (sometimes annoyingly so), and the ever popular play toy music piano bouncer that babies just have an endless good time with.


Some people wonder though, are toys actually doing anything other than putting a pretty nice sized hole in your wallet?


The short answer is… of course. Toys are extremely important for a developing child, from the infant stage onwards.


And most people think the reason why is the reason that it allows you as the parent to get your child “out of your hair” for a while. Give them something to play with, and take a nice, big relaxing breath. Enjoy some personal time.


While this is totally true (and often relieving) reason as to why toys are important for infants and toddlers, it is not the main reason or even the most important reasoning as to why they are so great to have around.


For instance, did you realize that children toys can actually help your child grow their language skills? When babies are making all their bubbly noises, cries of joy (or the sudden 180 cry of complete outrage so many parents are familiar with), they are actually trying to communicate. They are learning how to do it. Give them a break, language is hard and they just got here!


When you sing to your child, you are actually doing more than just soothing them. You are proactively teaching them words. And babies can communicate incredibly well almost right away with their parents. Trust me. I still remember when I was selling furniture for a living and a couple came in with a cute baby. As I was showing them the recliner they were looking over, I noticed the mother started communicating with her baby with hand signals.


The craziest part of it… the baby actually used sign language back to talk to his mom!


I could not believe it, the baby was only six months maybe eight months old yet already knew more about sign language communication than me! The child only knew a few words… but still, pretty cool stuff.


When you give a toy that explores sound, words and the meaning of those words, you are helping your baby learn valuable life skills all in the name of fun. And that is for sure an important reason why toys are a requirement for your child, not just a want.


You just have to make sure it is the right toy for the right time that will continue to grow them as a person.


Language skills are just ONE reason why toys are important by the way. There are a ton of other reasons that make toys an extremely wise investment for your child. What should you do next? Well, maybe next time in the store you SHOULD buy that toy your baby is gawking at!


Cool Things You Can Do with Toy Drones

Drones are all the rage right now. They are big business and they are big on the cool level as well. In fact… you could say they are ascending at a rapid rate (get it?).


If you have been living underneath a rock and the word drones sends terrifying images to you, fear not, there is a whole new side of drones that have been coming out in the public market as toys and for recreation. And there are a lot of really cool things you can do with these things.


First off, remember the joy of driving a tonka remote controlled truck? You get all of that experience piloting a drone throughout the sky. Nowadays you can have a pretty high tech set up for things like this too. Because some toy drones allow you to sync it to other devices such as your iPad or android tablet and control it from there. Some of these drones even have cameras attached to them so you can pilot it while also literally getting the birds eye view of the drone.


Brings the remote control toy to a whole new level of just being awesome to play with.


Another thing you can do with a toy drone is attach something like a Go Pro Hero Camera to it and take awesome pictures of your surroundings. If you live in a scenic locale, this can make for some pretty cool footage. A lot of videographers are now using drones to film downhill ski racing, car racing, or other sporting events. Filmmakers, amateur to professional, are using drones to capture new angles and high altitude shots that they would not had been able to do before the advent and popularity of drones. If you like making movies or films, whether sporting events or actual story driven narratives, than toy drones should be right up your alley.


They range in price too – from several thousand dollars to just a hundred or two hundred dollar models. You want to be careful on the one you buy though. You definitely get what you pay for, and often the cheaper models have far less battery life, flying ability, ability to control said flying and often minimum features in comparison to the more expensive and luxurious toy drone models.


What are some other uses of the toy drone of today?


If you enjoy hunting, they are incredibly beneficial. You can fly a drone right up into the sky and look through your ipad or other device at what it is seeing so you can find the fabled big catch deer or that monstrous bear or king moose (or whatever it is you enjoy hunting). This goes for fishing as well. Take the drone out, fly it up over the river and down it and see where the fish might be. You can even attach lenses that will see through the water, giving you a much better appreciation where the day’s catch might be.


And hey, high tech hunting is freaking cool man.

Here’s a great toy video review.


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